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WITOL® is an independent business unit within the WITTE Group specialized in Intelligent Fastening Solutions. As part of the WITTE Automotive Group, we can look back on 120 years of company history this year. WITTE Automotive represents innovative and powerful know-how in technical solutions for locking and latching Systems and has thus developed into a globally operating company group. Today, WITTE Automotive is among the technological leaders in the field of mechatronic locking systems, and continuously invests in the development of innovative system solutions for doors, hoods and tailgates, interior and seats. The results of the engineering work are the most sophisticated products that uniquely combine mechanics, electrics, and electronics - and can be found in all well-known vehicle brands.

Products and services

Thanks to our products, greater tolerances of the individual modules or hang-on parts can be accepted even at the planning stage, thus reducting component costs. WITOLs are there to compensate for these clearances. This simplifies and reduces the production steps; for your enterprise this means that assembly times can be significantly reduced thanks to an automated compensation step. We can tailor the speed and efficiency in consultation with the customer to optimise the performance of your production processes and technical applications. Another important benefit of this compensation technology is the ability to extend production tolerances, and the cost reductions that this enables.

WITOL the Modular Tolerance Compensation System

WITOL Modular is based on the versatile combination options of our compensation elements and designed to support your product quickly, and in a very uncomplicated way. Customers can choose between more than 500 product variants – conveniently shown in two product categories for screw dimensions of 6 mm and 8 mm. After all, we want to be certain that you receive the right combination for your special automatic tolerance compensation requirements.

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WITOL the Individual Tolerance Compensation System

Every enterprise is independent and has accordingly independent requirements for supply products. This is why we provide automatic tolerance compensation systems that are 100% adapted to your interface for application-specific development. Custom functions can be implemented to offer you requirements-driven, individually developed WITOLs that offer the following Solutions.

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News & Innovations

WITOL - localization in China
WITOL plans the first production facility in China – the production of the first WITOLs will start later this year!

The foundation for localization in China was laid in 2018, when WITTE Automotive set up its own subsidiary in Taicang. The WITOL team in China is growing steadily and with the newly planned production facility a further milestone will be set this year.

The localization of the first WITOL production in China, the largest automotive market in the world, is intended to further drive WITOL's sales growth. By local assembly, we serve the need of our Chinese customers to shop locally. In addition, we are reducing transport routes and times, enabling us to supply the Chinese market more quickly in the future and to react more quickly.

The production of the first WITOLs will start in the second half of 2019, and will gradually be expanded. The production is supported and accompanied by our experts from Germany.

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