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Sonderhoff (Suzhou) Sealing Systems Co. Ltd., since July 2017 part of Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, is among the leading companies for FIPFG (formed in-place foam gasket) systems in China.
Sonderhoff Suzhou offer high-performance 2-component foam seal, gluing and potting systems based on polyurethane or silicone from Sonderhoff Chemicals, as well as the corresponding mixing and dosing machines for the automated application on industrial parts as well as the process know-how from Sonderhoff Engineering.
Sonderhoff (Suzhou) has its own polyurethane material production in China for the available product range from foam seals to potting compounds.
After moving to a greater location in Suzhou in 2016 the additional space is used for new production machines expanding the sales.
They also increased the capacities of contract manufacturing for foam sealing, gluing and potting applications of Chinese customers’, – individual sampling of prototypes as well as small to serial production.

Products and services

2 comp. RTC (room-temperature crosslinking) polyurethane gasket foam
2 comp. RTC (room-temperature crosslinking) polyurethane resin
2 comp. RTC (room-temperature crosslinking) polyurethane glue
2 comp. RTC (room-temperature crosslinking) silicone gasket foam
2 comp. RTC (room-temperature crosslinking) silicone elastomer
1 comp. PVC compound
DM 402/403: 2-/multi- component dosing and mixing system
Dispensing Cell SMART: 2- / multi- component dosing and mixing system
Dispensing Cell 3E: 2- component dosing and mixing system
Contract gasketing
MK 600

Sensor-controlled 2- / 3- component mixing head with high-pressure water rinsing and dynamic mixing system, for use with liquid to highly-viscous polymer reactive materials for gasketing, glueing and potting. Designed for exclusive use with DM 402/403 mixing and dosing units, in fully-automatic operating mode.

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DM 402/403

The DM 403 is a multi- component high-performance semi- or fully-automatic mixing and dosing system for gasketing, glueing and potting of different types of components. The 403 precisely processes liquid, medium to high viscose media such as polyurethane, silicones, epoxy resins and other polymer reaction substances.

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FERMAPOR® K31 is the trade name for Sonderhoff’s two-component polyurethane systems for the manufacture of flexible foam seals which are foamed directly onto the part by using FIPFG (formed-in-place foam gasket) technology.

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Sonderhoff (Suzhou) Sealing Systems Co. Ltd.
1 Lansheng Road, Suzhou Industrial Park
215126 Suzhou

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Peter Wang
General Manager
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News & Innovations

Mold'n Seal
The new MOLD’n SEAL procedure interlinks molding and formed-in-place foam gasketing processes handled by one single six-axis robot, offers a cost and time saving alternative by intelligent process technology.
In the MOLD’n SEAL procedure the six-axis robot takes the still warm injection molded parts out of the mold, moves them under the mixing head of the Sonderhoff dispensing machine DM 402/403 and exactly applies the sealing according to the given contour.

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Dosing Cell 3E
The new Dosing Cell 3E is a 2-component low-pressure, mixing and dosing system for use in semi-automatic operation for gasketing, gluing and potting of a wide variety of components. With this system liquid, medium to high viscose media, such as polyurethanes or other reactive polymer materials can be processed precisely.
Sonderhoff has designed the Dosing Cell 3E to allow you as operator to easily and safely execute a wide variety of tasks. Standard operation is facilitated by the easy-to-handle, multi-functional MOBILE PANEL with integrated 6.5" touchscreen – an essential simplification for contour programming of components. The pre-adjustability and regulation of all system and process parameters ensure consistent production processing.
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The new Fermapor CC foam sealant system is based on polyurethane and is intended for applications requiring very high resistance to water. It closes the gap between high-priced predominantly closed-cell materials such as silicone foam, and lower-priced mixed-cell PU foam. It also offers current users of 1-component sealing technology a less expensive alternative.
For this new technology Sonderhoff has developed the new DM 402 CC mixing and dosing system for dispensing the 2C polyurethane foam Fermapor CC. The application process itself follows the well-known FIPFG process, which is a production standard in many industries. What is new is the sealing foam’s ability to reach its full size shortly after being applied onto the component.
With the Fermapor CC sealing foam and the FIP CC technology, a further developed FIPFG process is now available to customers, which opens up new fields of application for automated foam sealing.
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