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About us

Silver Atena has many years of experience in the development of safety-relevant electronic components and power electronics.
We offer our customers all services along the entire value chain from system concept to serial delivery and the subsequent support.

We support customers with already under development components with safety analysis from system level to component level as well as ultra-oxidation analysis of HV components and power electronics.
Beside very short development times for series-capable device design, the focus is on the issue of usability and cost optimisation.

Typical application range in the automotive sector is drive control units for auxiliary units and chassis systems as well as devices with fail-operational architectures for autonomous driving.

Our conventional SiC (silicon carbide) -based inverters and high-speed converters as well as compact high-voltage DC/DC converters based on SiC are used in BEV (battery electric vehicles) and fuel cell drives.

Products and services

Silver Atena develops and manufactures high-performance control units and power electronics (48-volt and high-voltage) for special applications used in automotive applications like passenger cars, trucks, off-highway and off-road vehicles and motor sport.
- Inverter for the electric powertrain
- ECUs for high-speed engines (> 100,000 rpm)
- Liquid-cooled high-voltage DC/DC-converter (up to 150 kW)
- Control Units for auxiliaries (eg. air conditioning compressor)
- Control Units for Chassis (eg. roll stabiliser, electromechanical brake, suspension system, steerable axle)
- Safety-ECUs (eg. communication gateways, bus gateways)
- Hil-Systems
- Test benches for electric engines
- Steering test benches

High-voltage DC/DC-converter transform a variable supply voltage into the voltage required by the high-voltage wiring system. The concept enables seamless control of the converter from buck to boost. The active phase management ensures a consistently high degree of efficiency over the entire performance range. It is possible to regulate inputs as well as outputs. In boost mode efficiency averages better than 97%.

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Inverter for the Electric Powertrain

Silver Atena develops inverter for the electric powertrain. Our exhibit controls an electric engine with a speed up to 15.000 rpm and a power output of 50 kW. The ampacity is up to 300 A(rms), the voltage range is 70 V to 350 V.

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Communication-Gateway (up to ASIL D)

Silver Atena's Communication Gateway enables arbitrary signal routing via existing communication interfaces. The messages on the communication interfaces are not only monitored, but can also be manipulated intentionally.

The gateway reads analog and digital signals and directs them as data to any communication interface.

In case of errors, e.g. corrupt or missing messages and signals, but also when driver intervention occures, pre-defined reactions are triggered.

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